Diego Bianchi (b.1969, Argentina)

Diego Bianchi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1969, where he still lives and works.
In his sculptures and installations, formal dynamics of the found object are focused on the problem of consumption and economic development in different social and geographical contexts. His work put into practice a repertoire of resources and attitudes marked by the need to cause reactions from the viewer, from reflection to disgust, including self-critical meditation on the tools offered by contemporary art.

The desire to revise the modernist objectivity from the resources of contemporary art, places his pieces near some of the representatives of so-called "new sculpture" such as William O'Brien, Sterling Ruby and Alexandra Bircken. If his installations emphasize hypertrophic consumption of colorful and attractive objects, his sculptures are limited to material goods once used, resulting in a more subdued and synthetic color system.

Diego Bianchi has held numerous exhibitions in Argentina, Spain and USA, including participation in the Lyon and in the Havana Biennale.

Bianchi, Diego b.1969

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