Os Gemeos (b.1974, Brazil)

Brazilian artist duo Os Gêmeos, the collaborative venture of twin brothers Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo (born 1974), has gained widespread recognition for its visually impacting, large-scale graffiti works, which grace public spaces across the world. They began their career twenty years ago as graffiti artists, working in urban neighborhoods in São Paulo. Nowadays, in cities such as New York, Berlin, and Lisbon, among many others, one can turn a corner and find a large yellow figure, usually dressed in colorful clothing, looking out unto the surrounding urban landscape. Os Gêmeos have succeeded in internationalizing their visual language, and they have long been a leading force in the global street art scene. Although they have since branched out into a wide variety of mediums and modes of artistic expression - comprising installation, painting, and sculpture—their signature style and creative energy have remained intact.

Due to their technical skills, their works are riots of color and form, always immediately recognizable as their own. Inspired by their heritage, the brothers often incorporate imagery from Brazilian popular culture, such as festivals and street performers. While harnessing the concept of spectacle as an ingenious compositional tool, their body of work also offers interesting contrasts between rural and urban landscapes. As graffiti artists, their first forays into art centered on the streets of a crowded metropolis. However, Os Gêmeos have always been interested in popular culture of all kinds, understanding that any given society is composed of a wide range of influences and realities. Many of their paintings offer insights into rustic, countryside settings, where figures look out from bucolic mountains or desert regions. The brothers have traveled across Brazil to learn about life in different rural communities, and these sensibilities are present throughout much of their work.
(Phillips de Pury & Company, 2012)

Os Gêmeos first garnered attention in 2005, when they exhibited at Deitch Projects in New York. In recent years, the brothers have participated in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. They have also exhibited internationally across Europe, Latin America and Asia, as well as in their native Brazil. They were included in The Art in the Streets exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles in 2011 and had their first US Museum solo exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston in 2012.

Gemeos, Os b.1974

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