• Artist Spotlight: Shilpa Gupta

    We are proud to dedicate this artist spotlight to Shilpa Gupta who is currently preparing for 2 institutional solo exhibitions at the Curve Gallery, Barbican, UK and Dallas Contemporary, USA. 

  • UNMASKED #3 2019 Year Sales Report

    The truth about art investment returns now available, exclusively here. We push forward with our agenda for more transparency and accountability in the art world. Take a look at the 2019 year sales report.

  • Rina Banerjee's "Make Me a Summary of the World" at the Fowler Museum at UCLA

    "With breath taking consumption her commerce ate while she was being eaten, 2008". On display December 8, 2019 – May 31, 2020.

recent acquisitions


    ICA - The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, USA
    Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa
    Para Site
    Garage Museum of Contemporary art
    Primae Noctis, Lugano, Switzerland
    MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, China
    Mendez Wood Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil
    Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
    ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai, China
    Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
    Rago Auction House, Lambertville, New Jersey
    Salcedo Auctions, Manila, Philippines