Tiroche DeLeon Collection Residency Program


In an effort to support the careers of talented emerging artists from all corners of the developing world, in 2015 the Tiroche DeLeon Collection initiated a Residency program. Artists spend up to three months living and working in The Red House, a new art space in Tel Aviv. 

During their stay, artists are encouraged to visit the country and be inspired by its sights, history and ethnic diversity; in order to produce a new body of work that is usually exhibited at the end of the Residency, in The Red House itself.

The program was devised as a joint venture between the Tiroche DeLeon Collection and START - Serge Tiroche's Israeli Art incubator. Flights, accommodation, living expenses, working materials and a studio to work in are provided. Visiting artists will have an opportunity to meet with local artists, collectors, curators, gallery owners, museum directors and press. Works will enter the Tiroche DeLeon and START collections and placed in local Israeli as well as international collections, in collaboration with the artist's galleries.

The Red House is a cultural center in the heart of the trendy low brow Shapira neighborhood. During the day, it serves the local community as a center for dialogue and creativity and provides workspaces for creative businesses, artists and designers. By night, the house hosts events – exhibitions, lectures, live music, workshops and more.

The Tel Aviv-Jaffa area has a 5000 year history and remains an ethnically diverse city, home to several religions and communities. It is spotted throughout with mosques, churches, synagogues and multiple places referenced in the old and new testaments - stories of Solomon, Jonah, Saint Peter and the Andromeda Rock. Aesthetically rich, the spectacular coast line views and cobble lined streets, charming flea market, old city of Jaffa and port, and growing number of shops displaying Israel’s finest in fashion and design, Tel Aviv-Jaffa is sure to remain firmly in the memories of those who come to visit. 

Past Residency Artists

Residency #1: Ruben Pang 
April - July 2015

Having met Ruben on several occasions and becoming familiar with his personal story and being so captivated by the quality of his painting, it was natural choice to start the program with a curatorial concept that married Ruben's interests with the best Israel has to offer. With a confluence of interests in religion, history, spirituality, rituals, healing, the paranormal and culture, it seemed fitting for Ruben to follow the footsteps of Jesus around the Holy Land, from Jaffa to Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee and Nazareth, to recreate his own versions of scenes recounted in the New Testament. The Residency culminated in an exhibition displaying a new body of work, including 'Graduation Night', Ruben's largest painting and unique interpretation of ‘The Last Supper’.

To read more about Ruben Pang's Residency, click here.

Residency #2: Isabelle Grobler 
August - September 2015

During her two month long stay in Israel, South African artist Isabelle Grobler, the second participant of the Tiroche DeLeon Residency program, worked in START studio where she developed ‘ the cannibal's congress’, a remarkable body of work that was showcased alongside the opening of START's new offices and gallery. The event was a resounding success with hundreds of visitors that came to admire her art. Among the most remarkable works, feature the large drawing 'Founding Ideology', 'Father Tongue' and 'Mother Tongue', which became part of our African collection. 

To read more about Isabelle Grobler's Residency, click here.

Residency #3: Cui Jie
September - November 2015

Having spent almost three months living and working in Serge Tiroche’s home in Jaffa, in her final exhibition, Chinese artist Cui Jie exhibited 9 new paintings from the series Ground Invading Figure. Drawing inspiration from movies and pictures, Cui’s works bring to the centre of her canvases the distances and shapes which come to life when two characters meet. Cui is not interested in the story or the situation behind the encounter; instead, she offers us a different perspective which focuses on the movement and details rather than content, drawing our attention away from the obvious.

To read more about Cui Jie's Residency, click here.

Residency #4: Moris (Israel Moreno)
June - July 2016

Mexican artist Moris spent two months at our residency program, setting out on daily scavenger hunts for urban treasures sold in the flea markets, scattered around the Old City and littering the beach. Those sought after "treasures", were in fact discarded objects, broken and rusted, which Moris transformed into epic installations with a Middle-Eastern touch. During his stay, Moris admitted he found many commonalities between Israel and his homeland Mexico, and the residency was an eye-opening experience that allowed him to develop his artistic vision and grow as an artist. Moris' work discusses the inherent violence in society, and during the residency he explored this concept from within the Middle Eastern context. 

To read more about Moris' residency, click here. 

Residency #5: Winner Jumalon 
June - August 2016

During his summer residency, Winner Jumalon recruited his skillful oil-painting technique to produce an oeuvre of work inspired uniquely from his Jaffa-ian surroundings. During the day, he roamed the area, following people that sparked his curiosity and taking pictures of people, places and plants that were to his liking. At night, he took to the studio, and weaved the many different figures and images into different sized canvases in order to create murals and installations. The results are exquisite, and Jumalon has produced dense compositions in gorgeous pallates, all with the personal touch of his own experience and internal reflection.  

To read more about Winner's residency, click here


Residency #6: Terrence Musekiwa

October - December 2016

Terrence Musekiwa (b. 1990), a sculptor from Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, spent his residency at The Red House working on a unique body of works for his final exhibition. Terrence's work begins with traditional stone carving methods, but it is brought to the fore of contemporary Zimbabwe with its pungent and satirical commentary, which focuses on religion, history, tradition and daily turmoil. Embedded within the stone are multifarious conversations and struggles. His use of chains, glass, wood, cloth, plastic and resin is intended just as much to challenge tradition, as it is to confront aesthetic and ideological preconceptions.

Terrence Musekiwa's residency exhibition "Distanced" opened December 10th, 2016. To view the invitation, click here. 


Residency #7: Mario Macilao
October - December 2016

Mário Macilau (b. 1984) is a photographer from Maputo, Mozambique, where he currently lives and works. During his residency, Mário resided at The Red House and worked on a unique body of works for his final exhibition. Mário specializes in long term projects that focus on living and environmental conditions over the time that affects the social isolated groups. His work has been recognized with awards and featured regularly in numerous solo and group exhibitions both in his home country and abroad.

Mário Macilau's residency exhibition "Distanced" opened on December 10th, 2016. To view the invitation, click here.