Jinghu, Li b.1972 / Counting Stars
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Jinghu, Li b.1972 / Counting Stars Jinghu, Li b.1972 / Counting Stars
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Much of Li Jinghu's success as an artist lays in in his idiosyncratic responses to minutiae changes occurring within the domain of Dongguan. In the small town of Chang'an where he was born and raised, he has witnessed immense changes, often punctuated with a deep sense of loss and instability. When Li Jinghu's father returned to Dongguan after the millennium, crop land, hillsides and lakes had all vanished. He also tore down the ancestral house to construct a new building to rent out to migrant workers. This was the reality typical to the period after the 1990's in China. Li Jinghu collected roof tiles from these old torn down houses, cutting them into shapes of stars in order to cherish a memory of a time when he once sat on rooftops to count stars as a child. The backdrop to this nostalgic sentiment is fact is a rather ruthless economic reality. 

Li Jinghu (b.1972, China)

Counting Stars , 2005

Roof tiles
2 x 10 x 10 cm.
0 13/16 x 3 15/16 x 3 15/16 in.
Magician Space, Beijing, China  Current Location:
Hong Kong - G4Si InstallationFar East


Li Jinghu: One Day in Dongguan
J&Z Gallery, Shenzhen, China

T Space, Beijing, China
2008 - 2008

No Problem
Shenzhen Sculpture Academy, Shenzhen, China
2006 - 2006


Carol Lu Yinghua, Emerging Artists 2009
Frieze Magazine (Online), January - February 2010
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Bao Dong, Li Jinghu: One Day in Dongguan
Leap Magazine (Online), February 1, 2010
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