Yang, Haegue b.1971 / Escaping Transparency
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Yang, Haegue b.1971 / Escaping TransparencyYang, Haegue b.1971 / Escaping TransparencyYang, Haegue b.1971 / Escaping TransparencyYang, Haegue b.1971 / Escaping Transparency
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Commissioned by Modern Art Oxford to produce a new work, Yang has created a Venetian blind installation - a form she has rigorously pursued for the past six years - that for the first time escapes eye level, representing a departure from what has been a defining characteristic of these installations. As the title indicates, "Escaping Transparency" conceptually transforms the artist's relationship to the Venetian blind, from a semi-transparent material that is looked through, to an object that is to be looked at. From underneath, we can look up and perceive the network of interconnected geometric shapes that bind the piece together. In a bold gesture, the work focuses on the space of the roof and the lantern, leaving the body of the gallery empty except for a pair of blinds that deftly touch the floor. 

Haegue Yang (b.1971, Korea)

Escaping Transparency, 2011

Aluminum venetian blinds, powder-coated aluminum hanging structure, steel wire rope
Museum-scale installation:
Museum-scale installation:
Tina Kim Gallery, NY, USA Current Location:
Switzerland - Basel - S InstallationFar East


Future Light (Working Title), Curated by Maria Lind
MAK, Vienna, Austria.
June 2015 - October 2015

Kunstverein Lingen, Germany
October 2011 - December 2011

Teacher of Dance
Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, UK
June 2011 - September 2011


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Escaping Transparency
Modern Art Oxford and The Aspen Art Museum (Catalogue),

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