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With 290 works by artists from over 30 countries, the Tiroche DeLeon Collection is an important source of information for art aficionados, as well as a preferred partner to a number of institutions making repeat loans.

Vik Muniz, 'Pictures of Junk - The Birth of Venus', at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Works from the collection have travelled extensively on temporary loans across Asia, the US, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. We have also started making long-term loans to leading museums.
As an example, an exciting collaboration encompassing several loans is currently underway with the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, to whom we already lent a body of works for “Critical Mass” - the Indian exhibition held at the Museum in 2012.

"Vik Muniz: Pictures of Anything", which opened on March 27th came about as a result of an introduction Serge Tiroche made during the recent Biennale in Venice between the artist and Suzanne Landau -  Director and Chief Curator of the Tel Aviv Museum. The exhibition, which contains some of the best examples from all of Muniz’s important series, covers 25 years of the artist's oeuvre. Using familiar images from the history of art and various other sources, Muniz transforms the scale and uses unexpected materials –sugar, chocolate, ketchup, diamonds, dust and garbage – in a process that culminates in new photographic images. Muniz’s work challenges conventional viewing and raises questions about appropriation, original and copy.

The Tiroche DeLeon collection lent a total of 9 works to the exhibition: The entire series of 7 works from the award winning documentary film “Waste Land” from the Pictures of Garbage series;  'Jackie' from the Pictures of Diamonds series, and 'The Birth of Venus, after Botticelli' a large triptych from the Pictures of Junk series.

Vik Muniz, Suzanne Landau and Serge Tiroche at the dinner honoring the artistFollowing the public opening on March 27th, Serge Tiroche hosted a dinner at his Residence in Jaffa in honor of Vik Muniz for some 40 guests including the Tel-Aviv Museum team, the artist's studio, Vik's gallerists from 5 countries, investors in the fund and various other guests. The event was a remarkable success and a grand finale to Vik's memorable visit to Israel.

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Vik Muniz, 'Pictures of Diamond: Jackie', 2005, at the Tel Aviv Museum of ArtAbout the 'Diamonds series': "My first idea for this project was to draw Hollywood stars with diamonds. I wanted to test the degree of interference between the overkill glamour of the stars themselves and that of shiny rocks. I thought it might become intoxicating and conceptually claustrophobic. I drew Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Marlene Dietrich, and others, all in the sultry, soft, angled front-light illumination of movie glamour, and shot the results with unforgiving hard light, to turn the rocks into prisms." (Vik Muniz quoted in Refex: A Vik Muniz Primer, New York, 2005, p. 97)

Vik Muniz, 'Pictures of Garbage Portfolio' at the Tel Aviv Museum of ArtAbout the 'Pictures of Garbage' series: "Sebastiãno, Suellen, Carlão, Magna, Zumbi, Irmã and Isis are people who live and work in Jardim Gramacho, Rio de Janeiro, the biggest urban refuse dump in the world. They survive by recycling the things that they collect. I decided to depict them in allegorical situations, helped by them and using the material that they recycle. This is an incredible project, which is allowing me to get to know some of the most remarkable people in the world, who live in the worst conditions I have come across in my entire life and who have put me in contact with a side of life that I imagined no longer existed." (Vik Muniz)

Yaron Haramati, Vik Muniz & Serge Tiroche at the opening of "Vik Muniz: Pictures of Anything" at the Tel Aviv Museum of ArtAbout the 'Pictures of Junk' series: Muniz consciously enacts playful contradictions upon the surfaces of these photographs, as they are at once literally pictures of the materials out of which they are constructed — in this case garbage — as well as pictures of the images formed through the transformation of the materials. Combining three-dimensional elements within a two-dimensional pictorial space to create visually and conceptually loaded images, Muniz creates work that fosters a shift in visual perception as well as cultural preconceptions. 

Ai WeiWei, 'Forever', 2003The collection made a second loan to the Tel-Aviv Museum of 2 works by Ai Weiwei and Pedro Reyes for a group exhibition curated by Suzanne Landau. “In Conversation” opens on April 10th and will include Ai Weiwei's 'Forever' and Pedro Reyes' 'Cuernofono' together with new and existing works from the Museum's collectuion, in a newly redesigned exhibition space.

Marina Abramovic, Rhythm 0, 1974A third loan to the Tel-Aviv Museum for the important work, 'Rythm 0' by Marina Abramovic is scheduled to open on June 12, 2014 and run until Feb 2015. The work contains a slide-show documentation of her famous 1974 performance Rhythm 0, as well as a table containing 72 objects with instructions for the participating audience.

Shilpa Gupta, 'I keep falling at you'Following a previos loan of Ai Weiwei's 'Grapes' to the Museum of Arts & Design in NY last year for a travelling exhibition, we will cooperate again with the prestigious institution. 3 works by Maria Nepomuceno, Vik Muniz and Pedro Reyes will be part of the exhibition “New Territories: Design, Craft and Art from Latin America: 2000-2013 and will run in the Museum from November 2014 to March 2015.

Additional loans include Shilpa Gupta’s installation 'I keep falling at you' which will be on temporary loan to the Des Moines Art Center in Iowa this summer, taking a break from the 7 year loan to the ZKM Center for Art & Media in Karlsruhe; as well as for Rodel Tapaya’s award-winning monumental work 'Cane of Kabunian, numbered but cannot be counted' which will travel to the Gwangju Biennale in Korea this fall.


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