Art Stage Singapore Collaboration


Art Stage SingaporeInstallation view | Tiroche DeLeon Collection selling exhibition at Art Stage Singapore 2018.

First Art Fair Selling Exhibition

A Tiroche DeLeon Collection and Art Stage Singapore collaboration 

The grand highlight of the fair was a 200 square meter booth boasting an impressive selling exhibition of Asian contemporary works from the Tiroche DeLeon Collection. Acquired between 2011-2016, several were actually bought at Art Stage and  were now re-exhibited in the context of a collection. The innovative initiative came from an evolutionary necessity of collectors to find new avenues for selling outside the auction realm. 

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The relationship between Lorenzo Rudolf, founder of Art Stage, and Serge Tiroche, founder of the Tiroche DeLeon Collection, dates back to 2011 when Tiroche was invited by the Singapore Art Museum to present what is arguably Rodal Tapaya's most iconic work that won the triennial Asia Breweries Foundation Signature Art Prize, catapulting Tapaya to international recognition. This work will be a highlight of Art Stage in 2018. 

Installation viewInstallation view | Rodel Tapaya, "Cane of Kabunian, numbered but cannot be counted" and Entang Wiharso, "Under Family Portrait"

Rudolf and Tiroche immediately hit a common cord and Rudolf joined the Advisory Board of the Tiroche DeLeon Collection, a unique art fund with a strong social agenda which was being established at the time. 

"We are pleased to have come full circle with Lorenzo, to present a collection he helped us build over the past 6 years. It is wonderful when two open-minded individuals meet and are comfortable challenging the status quo by exploring new collaborative models. I am excited about this opportunity to show our collection to audiences in Singapore and the broader Pacific region, enabling interested collectors to acquire established masterpieces with fewer intermediaries."  - Serge Tiroche 

Installation viewInstallation view, VIP lounge entrance | Hyung Koo Kang, "Self Portrait" 

I Nyoman Masriadi, Great Daddy, 2014I Nyoman Masriadi, Great Daddy, 2014

Art Stage Singpaore 2018 opened on January 25th at Marina Bay Sands to VIPs. The booth, which was the largest in the fair, showcased top quality works by some of the most desired contemporary artists in the Asia Pacific region, including:

Genevieve ChuaJigger Cruz  |  Leslie de Chavez  |  Heri Dono  |  Chen Fei  |  Geraldine Javier

Yu Ji  |  Li Jikai  |  Winner Jumalon  |  Hyung Koo Kang  |  Fang Lijun  |  I Nyoman Masriadi

Eko Nugroho  |  Donna Ong  |  Ruben Pang  |  J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra Gatot Pujiarto 

Jose Santos III  |  Liu Shiyuan  |  Manit Sriwanichpoom  |  Agus Suwage  |  Rodel Tapaya

Yi-Hsing Tzeng  |  Ronald Ventura  |  Entang Wiharso  |  Liu Xiaodong

Ronald Ventura, Carne Carnivale, 2014Ronald Ventura, Carne Carnivale, 2014

Agus Suwage, Eros Kai Thanatos #1, 2010Agus Suwage, Eros Kai Thanatos #1, 2010