September Talks


Serge Tiroche at Follow The Entrepreneur Investor SummitDuring the month of September, co-founder Serge Tiroche participated in two conferences, giving three presentations across Europe. 

At the first, the 4th Annual Follow the Entrepreneur Investor Summit held in Hampshire, England, on September 5th, Serge discussed 'The Future of Backing Artists' - presenting our innovative Art Fund model and its particular focus on promoting contemporary art from developing markets. Watch Serge's presentation here

ArtFI Berlin, 2014 Serge then travelled to Germany for the Berlin Art Week to speak at ArtFi, The Fine Art & Finance Conference, on Sep 17th, presenting twice that day. The first presentation was on a panel about 'Art as a Financial Asset' where Serge discussed our unique approach to art investment which is both transparent and harmonious with widely accepted contemporary art collecting etiquette. In the second, a breakout session, he delved into the macro rationale for choosing developing markets in a presentation titled: 'Contemporary Art in Developing Markets - The Emergence of A New Collecting Category'. 

Serge's trip also gave him the opportunity to scope out the latest contemporary art trends presented by international galleries at the ABC fair in Berlin.