Xie, Nanxing b.1970 / Postcard Tree
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Nanxing used the technique of "canvas print" that he has been exploring during recent years. He primed one canvas—white and red—and put another one on top of it, upon which he painted a figurative painting of woods. The actual work is the canvas beneath, which only shows the traces of paint that penetrated through onto the base coat. The red one can see on the work was painted on the underneath canvas as part of the foundation, same as the naked body on the right lower part. There was no relationship originally between two parts - red colour and the body as the foundation as one part, and the traces of the woods that he painted on the top canvas. However, when the artist combines two into one, it seems something is created as the connection of two parts, on both levels: subject matter and the language of painting. It could also be understood that the artist created another painting on a sketch, which is nothing related to what he just painted, but nevertheless a connection is established between the two.

Nanxing Xie (b.1970, China)

Postcard Tree, 2015

Oil on canvas
220 x 150 cm.
86 5/8 x 59 1/16 in.
Urs Meile Gallery, Beijing, China Current Location:
Switzerland - Basel - S PaintingFar East


Art Basel Miami Beach, Urs Meile booth
Miami, US
December 2015


Yinghua Lu, Ruth Noack and David Spalding, Xie Nanxing: 2009 – 2015
Galerie Urs Meile (Catalogue), 2015

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