Báez, Firelei b.1981 / Fear Joy and Pleasure (June 19th)
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Fear Joy and Pleasure (June 19th) exemplifies Báez's works on Yupo paper. This work shows the silhouette of a woman with curly hair colored in intense shades of pink, orange and black against a blue background. As in the vast majority of her works, Báez centeres her attention on the female body, relying on science fiction and fantasy to address subjectivities and alternative forms of representation. Depicted abstractly, her colorful silhouettes take advantage of the gaze - a loaded trope in Western art history - to exert authority. Báez presents women that create their own hybrid cultural fantasies, expressed through textiles, hair, and other body ornaments, encouraging new forms of identities for the present and the future. Their bodies are radical, fluid and active sites standing outside the typologies outlined by Western colonization, thus embodying diasporic narratives often erased from major discourses.

(María Elena Ortiz, A Future Yet to Be Unfolded, Firelei Baez: Bloodlines, Pérez Art Museum Miami, September 2015)

Firelei Báez (b.1981, Dominican Republic)

Fear Joy and Pleasure (June 19th), 2015

Acrylic and Sennelier ink on Yupo paper
76.2 x 61 cm.
30 x 24 in.
Wendi Norris Gallery, San Francisco, US Current Location:
USA - NY - Long Island, G4Si Storage Works on PaperLatin America

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