Adams, Igshaan b. 1982 / Plate 7
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Adams, Igshaan b. 1982 / Plate 7Adams, Igshaan b. 1982 / Plate 7Adams, Igshaan b. 1982 / Plate 7Adams, Igshaan b. 1982 / Plate 7
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The Islamic burial cloth used in Plate 7 originates from Bismillah, a performance which Igshaan did with his father. The performance centred around the islamic cleansing ritual performed on a corpse before burial, usually by the closest same sex relative. During the performance the father washed and wrapped Igshaan's body in three sheets of white linen, exposing the green burial cloth after the final wrapping.

In Plate 7 the Rorschach inkblots (particularly those with the most recognizable animal figures) are merged with the burial cloth used in Bismillah, pointing towards the process of ‘killing off’ parts of one’s personality which are animalistic or no longer useful and need to be transcended in order to reach a higher state of being.

Igshaan Adams (b. 1982, Cape Town)

Plate 7, 2014

Islamic burial cloth, fabric and thread
195 x 138 cm.
76 3/4 x 54 5/16 in.
Blank Projects, Cape Town, South Africa  Current Location:
Switzerland - Basel - S Mixed Media Wall WorkAfrica


Blind Spot
South African National Arts Festival 2014
July 2014


Igshaan Adams
Blank projects (Catalogue), 2015

Ruth Simbao Josephine Higgins and Jennifer Ball, Igshaan Adams
Blank Projects (Catalogue), 2015
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Ruth Simbao , BLIND SPOT
VIPPA (Catalogue), 2014
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