Jumalon, Winner b.1983 / Dos Malditos (Two Rascals)
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With the work 'Dos Malditos' Winner Jumalon returns to the art scene with a re-vitalized energy and further conviction about his talent as one of his generation’s most instinctive painters.

It is the artist’s relationship with paint that shapes, and then sharpens, his propositions. This work is part of a project titled 'Juramento', about his hometown in Zamboanga, a city in the southern island of Mindanao, the part of the Philippines that in the international imagination is Islamic, and sometimes by extension, also the most violent. It is a place contrasted with the rest of the lowland archipelago that is characterized as predominantly Catholic, and more peaceful.

Jumalon revisits this restive locus and confronts both memory and hostility, wistful in the sense that he renews his ties to origin and trauma at the same time because he probes the basis of how certain people and events are painfully wrought, from prejudice, aggression, and inequity. The condition through which his depictions materialize is paint. The procedure of Jumalon seemingly begins with an evocation of atmosphere. Here, the ground is a turbulent atmosphere, seemingly inchoate and indeterminate, the better perhaps to set the state of play in the site. The latter is a zone of intense violence as referenced by the juramentado, the Muslim warrior who takes an oath, as indexed by the Spanish verb juramentar. The juramentado has mutated into various configurations as well as meanings through time, from political theology to racial ideology. The act of the juramentado may be equated with martyrdom in a situation not unrelated to a jihad. Moreover, it testifies to the fierceness of Muslim resistance against Spanish colonization and the current struggles of the Muslims for self-determination.

Winner Jumalon (b.1983, Philippines)

Dos Malditos (Two Rascals), 2014

Oil and encaustic on canvas
165 x 199 cm.
64 15/16 x 78 3/8 in.
Yavuz Gallery, Hong Kong Current Location:
Hong Kong - Christie's PaintingSouth Asia


Art Stage Singapore: Tiroche DeLeon Selling Exhibition
Art Stage Singapore
01/25/2018 - 01/28/2018

Yavuz Gallery, Singapore
January 2015 - March 2015


ART STAGE Singapore 2018 Innovates Art Fair Concept
BLOUIN ARTINFO (Online), January 24 2018
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Patrick D. Flores, Juramento
Yavuz Gallery (Catalogue), 2015

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