Ostretsov, Georgy (Gosha) b.1967 / Elvises
about this work
Gosha Ostretsov is one of Russia’s leading contemporary artists, questioning the nature of power and despotism in post Soviet Russia. Ostretsov's work heavily references comic books; hero and villain are crystal clear and the struggle between humanity and a ruling government are evident.

Ostertsov splatters bright coloured graffiti across the picture plane creating his own style suggestive of techno folk art. His images of the destruction of capitalists and greedy authoritarian systems of control suggest a redistribution of energy and power.

Ostretsov doesn't treat Fascism, Stalinism or Capitalism, as implicit 'enemies' but regards any system of government that seeks to progressively tailor society as such. The power of his images lie in his universal message and mission.

'Elvises' is part of a longstanding project, 'New Government'. The work includes masks, painting, sports, text, fashion, advertising, photography, performance art, video, comics and other media. Ostretsov appears to advocate a utopia; a world without power, without government and without money, where people explicitly follow their dreams.

Georgy (Gosha) Ostretsov (b.1967, Russia)

Elvises, 2011

Acrylic and enamel on canvas
160 x 150 cm
63 x 59 1/16 in.
Acquired directly from the artist, Moscow, Russia Current Location:
Switzerland - Basel - S PaintingEastern Europe


Malevic's Spiral
Komnata Gallery, Moscow, Russia
March 2011

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