Azoulay, Ilit b.1972 / Room #8
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Azoulay, Ilit b.1972 / Room #8Azoulay, Ilit b.1972 / Room #8Azoulay, Ilit b.1972 / Room #8Azoulay, Ilit b.1972 / Room #8Azoulay, Ilit b.1972 / Room #8Azoulay, Ilit b.1972 / Room #8Azoulay, Ilit b.1972 / Room #8
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Ilit Azoulay creates meticulously detailed imaginary environments by combining pictures that she's taken inside buildings slated for demolition with photographs of materials salvaged from the sites.  In the extraordinary four-part panorama "Room #8," which is more than thirty-two feet long, she arranged the objects and images along a white stucco wall, as if for museum display.  Although certain elements (a curtained window, a potted plant) look unremarkable, others are clearly out of scale; an enormous shard of rock looks monumental near a constellation of metal fragments.  Three additional pictures open up Azoulay's space into something that resembles Kurt Schwitters's marvelous Merzbau.  
(Andrea Meislin Gallery)

This work is in an edition of 3 in this size. A unique version of the work, 10 meters in length, is in the permanent collection of the Pompidou Center in Paris.

Ilit Azoulay (b.1972, Israel)

Room #8, 2011

Inkjet print
Edition: 2/5 + 2AP
75 x 500 cm.
29 1/2 x 196 7/8 in.
Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel Current Location:
Israel - Panorama Storage, Tel-Aviv PhotographMiddle East


Paris Photo LA - Andrea Meislin Booth
Paramount Pictures Studios, Los Angeles, USA
April 2013

Room #8
Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York, USA
March 2013 - April 2013

The Ministry of Culture and Sport Award Exhibition
Tikvah Petah Museum
31/08/2012 - 18/11/2012

The Constantiner Photography Award For an Israeli Artist
Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
November 2011 - January 2012

Numerator and Denominator (group exhibition)
Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya, Israel
June 2011


10 Years
Andrea Meinslin Gallery (Catalogue), New York, January 2016, pp.22-23

Orit Bulgaro, Ed., Ilit Azoulay: Finally Without End
Sternberg Press (Book), Berlin, November 2014, pp. 37; 73-90

Suzanne Landau, In the Studio: Ilit Azoulay
Art In America (Online), New York, November 2013, pp. 164-165

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