Ahmadi, Shahriar b.1979 / Untitled
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Ahmadi, Shahriar b.1979 / UntitledAhmadi, Shahriar b.1979 / Untitled
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From Archaic Techniques of Chemia.

In the series "Archaic Techniques of Chemia“ Ahmadi explores how the magic of alchemy has captivated people for millennia. Flasks, funnels and test tubes merge into protagonists of love whose figurativity remains fuzzy and evolves through the observer's individual imagination.

Hinted shapes and expressive brush strokes face fine details which attest a careful attention by the artist. Ahmadi uses a radiant, multi colour palette applied upon a monochromatic background to show the space where the elixir of love is born.

Drawn into all the details that are meant to be discovered, we are unexpectedly caught by the power of alchemy and we ourselves become searchers. What has aroused chemists in their laboratories for a long time, does not miss its force on canvas and agitates any art lover. 

Shahriar Ahmadi (b.1979, Iran)

Untitled, 2011

Acrylic on canvas
220 x 140 cm
86 5/8 x 55 1/8 in.
AB Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland Current Location:
Switzerland - Basel - S PaintingMiddle East


Valentino Spring/Summer 2017 Couture Show
Hotel Salomon de Rothschild Paris
01/25/2017 - 01/25/2017

Art Dubai
March 2011


Valentino, Valentino Spring/Summer 2017 Couture Show
(Booklet), January 25 2017
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