Ram, Rajesh b.1978 / Towards a New Tomorrow
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Ram, Rajesh b.1978 / Towards a New TomorrowRam, Rajesh b.1978 / Towards a New TomorrowRam, Rajesh b.1978 / Towards a New Tomorrow
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The artist believes that when people move to metro city, they do not realize that in pursuit of their dreams, they end up being bonded laborers in the migratory land. Rajesh’s sculptures exemplify this ensuing narrative with rhythm and beauty with his ingenious skill. According to the artist, illiteracy, socio-economic backwardness, slowprogress in implementing land reforms and inadequate inefficient finance and marketing services are the main factors for the regression of the rural areas of India. One of its main characteristic is the representation of everyday life, often using non-professional actors mostly the common characters from the society with a realistic depiction.  

Rajesh Ram (b.1978, India)

Towards a New Tomorrow, 2009

Mixed media (fibreglass, iron, wood, cotton rope, rubber, paper, paint)
203 x 69 x 152 cm.
79 15/16 x 27 3/16 x 59 13/16 in.
Latitude 28 Gallery, New Delhi, India Current Location:
UK - Phillips, London SculptureSouth Asia


Latitude 28 in the Solo Project Booth of Rajesh Ram
Art Stage Singapore, Singapore
January 2011

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