Asim Waqif (b.1978, India)

Delhi based Asim Waqif studied architecture at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi and is at present teaching there as a Visiting Faculty. After initially working as an art director for film and television he later started making independent video and documentaries before moving to a dedicated art practice. Waqif's recent projects have attempted a crossover between architecture, art and design, with a strong contextual reference to contemporary urban design and the politics of occupying public spaces. Some of his projects have developed within abandoned and derelict buildings that act like hidden activity spaces for marginalised people. Concerns of ecology and anthropology often weave through his work and he has extensively researched into vernacular systems of ecological management, especially with respect to water, waste and architecture. Waqif's artworks often employ manual processes that are deliberately pain-staking and laborious, but the products themselves are usually temporary and sometimes even designed to decay. He believes that decay and destruction have an important role to play in adapting to the dynamism of society.

Waqif, Asim b.1978

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