Liu Dao (Island 6) (est.2006, China)

The Liu Dao (Island 6) Collective is a fluid group of artists and technicians who work collaboratively. The focus of the group is their collective collaboration rather than the work of individual artists. The space is run as a workshop where many artists from different areas of the arts can work together to produce a particular work or exhibition. One of the aims of Liu Dao is to make productions using the same process as the film industry, with a cast and technical crew of people with different skills. Many of their pieces involve electronics and are interactive, making the viewer the final collaborator in their creation. 

As director and producer of the art collective, Thomas Charvériat created an artistic unit in around a framework of eclectic, artistic and academic interests. The ideas continue to serve as a nucleus for a system which produces cutting edge, acclaimed art where the future of Asia is continuously contemplated, and the talents of new Chinese artists are elevated by working in the inspiration of a communal forum.Since island6’s beginning, painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, new media artists, software and digital imaging artists, dancers, writers, and engineers have been recruited to collaborate inside a dynamic that sees the constant emission and development of original, intriguing work, bred from distinctions among the participating artists’ fields of work and study.

Liu Dao (Island 6) est.2006

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