Mariana Telleria (b.1979, Argentina)

"I was born in Rufino on October 1979, and have been living in the city of Rosario since 1998. I studied Fine Arts at UNR (Universidad Nacional de Rosario) but did not finish the courses. I've never attended independent studios or crit workshops, but I do share time with generous peers. I am terribly incapable of inventing something from scratch, to start at that point is an impossible plan for me, the white translates into fear. On the contrary, the surrounding, the approximate is the best destination for my thoughts, educated and attracted to the power that resides in the quotidianto become exceptional thanks to simple moves and infinite possibilities of use offered by spaces, objects and situations. I make what I want to see. Every idea, every decided image comes from theadaptation of a story built between the softest logic and the hardest fantasy.My intention is to make my work function as an invitation, a suggestion, not from a world made of explainable situations, absolutes and consensus, but from another world where the relationship with the natural may resignify itself by pointing at reality from somewhere else".

Mariana Telleria 

Telleria, Mariana b.1979

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