Museum Befitting Contemporary Masterpieces

We work hard to ensure our collection remains highly relevant - We partner with curators and museums all over the world - We have made it easy for you to search our collection - We count on your partnership to make it visible and accessible to the broader public.

As our collection evolves, we notice recurring themes expressed in the works of artists scattered all over the globe - the impact of globalization and capitalism, the displacement of identity and sexuality, as well as environmental and political concerns. Mediums, techniques, and aesthetic sensibilities are quite diverse however, and are often distinctly rooted in local tradition and history. We are interested in those artists who are able to tell interesting and intimate stories that resonate across boundaries and that honor the memory of their traditions, highlight their concerns, and speak the critical language of global art.

Fortunately, our scale and global footprint allow us to collect works of size and significance that are in most cases out of reach for private collectors. Our global network and presence, and our agility and ambition to build one of the most exceptional global collections, often enable us to acquire seminal works before public institutions can react.

Social Responsibility

Our objective is not only financial return. We are interested in advancing artist's careers, creating a platform for international discourse, building a global collection of historic value, sharing the works with the broad public, and in facilitating the flow of new capital into art. We occasionally commission works. We support ambitious artist projects and art institutions. We run our own artist residency project.


We collaborate with curators and museums. The Tiroche DeLeon Collection is already engaged in an extensive lending program to museums and institutions around the world. Works from the collection have travelled extensively on temporary loans across Asia, the US, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. We have also started making long-term loans to leading museums. We work hard to ensure the collection remains highly visible and relevant and we welcome your interest in any of our works. We will also seek to work with independent curators on exhibitions centered on works from the collection which we hope to share with various institutions around the world.

Our investors are encouraged to borrow works from the colletion for their own enjoyment at their home or work place. This provides further visibility for the works in the collection and provides meaningfull emotional dividends to investors, growing their passion and involvement in the collection and their knowledge and support of artists.