• Aboudia Auction Record

    "Untitled" from 2013 sold for almost 22'000 euro at inaugural African Contemporary sale at PIASA in Paris, setting a new WORLD AUCTION RECORD.

  • Moris Residency Exhibition

    Moris' residency exhibition "Nothing Grows Accordingly" opened on July 28th at the residency house in Jaffa. Read more about it here... 

  • Winner Jumalon Exhibition

    Winner Jumalon's Residency Exhibition "I Come in Peace" opened on September 8th at the Residency House in Jaffa. Read about Winner's residency experience here... 

  • Art & Finance Report 2016

    Tiroche DeLeon Collection highlighted for its transparency. 


Musee d'art Contemporaine de Rochechouart, France
Manoir Museum
The Breeder Gallery, Athens, Greece
Galeria Alberto Sendros, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sicart Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, New York, US
Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Grant Thornton, Gibraltar
Collector Systems