• Seoul Collectors Talk

    Watch Eunju Park, Serge Tiroche, Sylvain Levy and Alain Servais discuss their diverse collecting approaches during Seoul 2016 Gallery Weekend (Korean & English)

  • Art World Forum 2016

    "Navigating the Global Art Market" conference at Art World Forum 2016 in Singapore. 

  • The Red House

    Our redsiency program has moved to a new location: The Red House!

    Current artists: Terrence Musekiwa (Zimbabwe) and Mario Macilau (Mozambique). Exhibition opens December 10 at 7pm.

  • Winner Jumalon Exhibition

    Winner Jumalon's Residency Exhibition "I Come in Peace" opened on September 8th at the Residency House in Jaffa. Read about Winner's residency experience here... 

  • Africa Art Market Report 2015

    Africa Art Market Report 2015: Modern / Contemporary / Design 


UCCA - Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
Tel Aviv Museum, Israel
Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester, UK
Galeria Oscar Cruz, São Paulo, Brazil
Tang Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing, China
Nitra Museum
Casas Reigner, Bogota, Colombia
Zeno X Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium
Baro Galeria, Sao Paulo, Brasil
Grant Thornton, Gibraltar
Henry Butcher Art Auctioneer